So, this will be the first post on this blog. Now that I finally got around and made a blog, I don’t know what else to put here right now so I’m just gonna talk about my background a bit.

Starting with Garry’s Mod

I have been doing programming as a hobby for some time now. At the beginning of 2010 I started to look into source engine modding out of curiosity, and entered the magical world of C++. Because Valve’s documentation clearly stated that you need to know C++ before doing source mods, I started with some basic hello world applications. I didn’t even get to the source modding part in the end, as my interest shifted towards Lua coding in Garry’s Mod. Lua coding was much more beginner-friendly, and you could do a lot of stuff with it in Gmod, so I pretty much left C++ coding altogether.

In 2011, I also developed interest in making stop motion videos in Garry’s Mod. I did get some following on these videos, but the biggest projects that came out of these was two tools, Stop Motion Helper and Ragdoll Mover. These were my biggest and first public coding projects I did. Years later, these tools are still used by a suprisingly high amount of users. I still occasionally work on these projects, and released a whole new version of Stop Motion Helper about a year ago.

C# and Web Development

At the end of 2012 I got introduced into C# when I stumbled upon the SteamKit2 library, allowing the creation of standalone applications communicating with the Steam network. This got me interested into making a chat bot for Steam. I learned a lot of C# and database programming during this project, as I wanted to create a functional chat log and perform statistics on users and chat messages.

Through database programming, I moved to learn web development, both backend and frontend. I mostly did small website projects, but one project I can recall is VhostManager, which also became my thesis for vocational school. I learned a lot of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Python from these projects.

Game development

In the summer of 2013, I got interested in game development. Well, I was interested before, but now I actually started learning. I discovered Unity, and pretty much went with it for a long time, since I already knew C# and Unity was easy to learn and use AND it had the best support for rapid prototyping.

Six months went by, and I had made a dozen prototype projects that never saw the light of day, but I still had a lot of fun doing them. At the time, I had zero experience with collaboration, all my previous projects I had done alone. So in January 2014, I participated in Global Game Jam. It was a lot of fun working with like-minded people, and we even managed to make this thing.

During a game programming course in summer 2014 I started developing a game in Unity that turned out to be my first official release. After a lot of learning, mistakes and procrastination, I released NumberShock in December 2014. With help from DasBoSchitt, the game also got some exposure, with a total of over 5000 downloads as of today. I got a lot of positive feedback, but the game quickly faded away, and not many are playing the game anymore.
Mistakes were made, mistakes were learned from, expectations were crushed, crushed expectations were accepted. All in all, I accept it as my first official game release.


So 2015 was a very busy year in my life. In January 2015, I started military service. And I almost ended it the same day. But I stayed, and later, when the rookie phase was over, I applied to a programming job for the rest of my service. For 6 months during March – September 2015 I was a software developer, mostly developing a single application using C++ and Qt. I also did a mobile application to easily check the food menu, using node.js and Ionic.

So yeah, that went better than I had ever hoped for. I gladly finished my service and left with plenty more C++ experience, and a job certificate.

Present day

Starting from September 2015, I am studying for a gamedev-centric software engineer’s degree in Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. This was a pretty clear choice, as I didn’t have much contacts in the software industry, so getting a job would’ve been very difficult. I have met many like-minded people who are all interested in the same things as I am, so no regrets!

And that’s about it. Wow.. I rarely look back at my previous projects like this. But anyway, my next post will probably be about learning Unreal Engine, which I have been doing recently. I will also start blogging about developing a game engine.. soon-ish.

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